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Bike Odyssey Blog

Bike Odyssey specialises in running journeys of a lifetime. We only tour in exceptional corners of the world. We only create exceptional routes. We only follow exceptional historical figures. Unsurprisingly, our tours are exceptional. We love them and you will too. This is where we publish our latest news.

Recent Posts

  • Australia East Coast Tour
    We start our Australia East Coast tour on July the 5th. Thanks to all of our hosts from Newcastle to Wagga, Sydney to Hobart, Young to Maleny! We are really looking forward to it!
  • Neuschwanstein Castle
    Neuschwanstein Castle - the most impressive castle in the world? We also visit some battle worn castles such as where Lionheart himself was imprisoned in Durnstein on the Danube....


Blogs we like - the blog Danny, Ben and Sam Wood wrote as they filmed the BBC documentary On Hannibal's Trail